#2 Summer in Vallehermoso

It's now a couple of weeks since our pop up in the Mercado de Vallehermoso ended. It was an incredible 5 weeks. Alongside Madrid beer stalwarts Cerveceria Drakkar, Craft 19 and Prost, we were delighted to offer our two core beers: Cerveza de Mesa and Citrus Cream Ale - as well as a few of our favourites from the UK.

We launched officially on 3rd of August. The turnout and atmosphere was overwhelming. We're really grateful to all who came out to support our new and unknown project. Many pints of the sessionable 3.1% Cerveza de Mesa and 3% Citrus Cream Ale were poured and enjoyed and we had a chance to meet the beer drinkers at the heart of Madrid's growing, discerning and knowledgeable beer community.

One of the memorable experiences of having a market stall are the neighbours. Some of the stands were closed for the summer but we were grateful that Kitchen 154, serving their inimitable, spice filled fusion food, were there beside us all summer. The place has a real soul and atmosphere; a tight, fun team; and most importantly, no frills, top quality food. They welcomed us on our first day with a feast of ribs and dumplings and wings. We were sad to part but sincerely hope we have the chance to work with them again some day. We also enjoyed great food, from Prost, Tripea, Coto, Guey, Washoku, Sitho. It really is a special market with independent businesses, passionate about their food and drink, offering some of the best quality and value in Madrid. Needless to say, we'll be back as customers. Often.

The greatest pleasure as a brewer is sharing your product with customers. This comes from a seasoned beer taster trying a style done in a different manner, or a new flavour combination, that gives them a new experience. And it comes from a lifelong Mahou drinker, asking for a caña, tasting what they've been given and looking shocked. Asking what it is and ordering several more. Our goal is make the beers that we love and share them with people. People should drink the beer they enjoy most, and we see our role as giving them options. When we do that and they enjoy our beer. There's nothing we'd rather be doing.

So thanks to everyone who came, who helped and supported. Thanks to everyone that drank a caña or a pint. We hope to welcome you to our brewpub very soon. Until then, we'll have a few pop up events and our beer will be able in various pubs and bars around Madrid. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where we'll be.


Oso Brew Co

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