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#1 Popping Up

We’ve started something. Hours of talking and planning, looking forward and thinking about what we want, what we like and about what other people want and like too. Now we have two batches of beer and a pop up in Vallehermoso Market in Madrid.

Who we are

We’re two Brits that love beer, love good venues and love Madrid. We spend our time in pubs, with friends, we think there is something special about drinking beer with friends.. They’re some of the best moments we’ve had.

We met in Madrid during our Erasmus year in 2007/8. We met in a pub and have been friends ever since. We have a clear goal, to create the best place to drink beer. We believe that includes our own beer made on site, and a selection of wines and spirits that showcase the best producers in their field.

Our beer

Having experimented with some home brews and after I, Patrick, spent four good years with London-based Anspach & Hobday we settled on the beers we wanted to make. Beers that are balanced and subtle, that can be enjoyed by the pint or sampled by the half. We’ve started with a 3.1% Table Beer and a 3% Citrus Cream Ale. Our first brews were made for summer and so we put refreshing at the top of our list. Drinkability, and all it encompasses, will always be high on our priorities. We’re searching for smooth mouthfeel and big flavour. It doesn’t come after one batch, but we’ll get there.

Why Madrid?

We met in Madrid, as mentioned, and made the most of our year here. But there’s more than that. There’s something unique in this city, something about the way in which people enjoy themselves, the way they city is set up. We want a world class beer destination, with a brewhaus on site, that fits into the city’s culture. I’ve always thought Madrid was the perfect size for a city. It’s big enough, and with enough bars and restaurants, that you can know it yet always find somewhere new to drink. And the standard is very high. We hope we can add something.

Summer Pop-up

While we search for our final location, we’re in Mercado de Vallehermoso for the summer, between 24th July to 26th August. We’ve ‘gipsy brewed’ two beers that we have on tap permanently and will be serving some of our favourite British Beers, as well as some of our favourite Spanish wines (including a wonderful red from Madrid).

The market is an excellent spot for Craft Beer, with Drakkar and Craft 19 boasting 21 taps between them, not to mention Labirratorium just across the road. And there are wonderful food options all around us, including the famous Kitchen 154.

We’re launching on 3rd August from 7pm, with a happy hour (2 x 1) until 10pm. We hope to see you there!

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